A Message from Chinese School Principal  

Shawn Chou  10/18/2019

Since becoming the Principal of Chinese School of San Marino, I have tried to arrive a little before 9:00 AM on Saturdays at Huntington Middle School to greet the students. To be honest, not all the little cute faces I met seemed happy. Some looked tired, some looked sad, and most looked sleepy. To be fair, I, too, would rather be sleeping in on Saturday mornings. 

But as I looked at the teachers who lugged the materials to their classrooms to start the classes, the security staff who directed traffic in the parking lot, and the parents and family members who accompanied the students to school, I can see that there are many people who have worked very hard to make this school work. I just want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to these key supporters of our school. 

First, I would like to thank the teachers. Without you, there will be no one to teach the students.  I would like to thank you for preparing your lessons, teaching the students, and correcting the homework. 

Second, I would like to thank the security staff.  WIthout you, there will be no safe place for the students to learn. I would like to thank you for working diligently to help smooth the traffic flow, calm the parents who are upset with the traffic situation, and keep our students safe. 

Third, I would like to thank the parents and family members that accompany the students to school and who volunteer at our PTA events. Your participation under the leadership of our PTA President Sing Chung provide fun cultural activities for our students such as our Lunar New Year celebration and family movie nights.  Working together with the PTA, we continue to teach our students practical applications of the cultural and language lessons they learned at our school. 

Fourth, I would like to thank our staff, our school committee members, and the San Marino Unified School District. Without you, there would be no school. Our staff, Ms. Joanne Cheng, our administrative director, and Ms. Christine Che, our curriculum director, make sure that the school runs smoothly. By community, I am referring to everyone who contribute their time and effort to help, including past principals and past school committee members who made the school what it is today. Of course, I want to thank every member of the SMUSD who have supported us with the facilities, from the Superintendent Dr. Jeff Wilson to the dedicated janitors. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank the students. Without you, there would be no purpose to have the school. I would like to thank you for continuing to learn. I know Chinese school may not be the first thing you feel like doing on a Saturday. But everything you learned is yours to keep, and yours to use in the future. 

Again, I just want to say “Thank you”. Thank you everyone for supporting the Chinese School of San Marino. 謝謝!

Shawn Chou
2018-2020 Principal
Chinese School of San Marino

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